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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 22, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, you can see them for miles. intense fire fights on opposite ends of the bay as crews battle two, large, smoking fires. good evening, everyone. >> we begin with that fire, not only intense, but dangerous. and all during the evening commute. the first fire at a recycling yard on mayor island. then, about 45 minutes later, a fire raged at a well-known
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charity in santa clara. we have live reports on both fires tonight. we begin in the south bay. >> reporter: well, the non-profit, hope services help provide jobs and services to people with autism, cerebral palsy and down syndrome. luckily, most of the worker had gone home for the weekend. had it happened earlier, things could have been much worse than property damage. >> this is what's left of several bins of donated goods. before they were destroyed, the items meant more for hope services. money which could have helped serve 3700 developmentally disabled clients. >> reporter: though the cause is still under investigation, the charity believes the one-alarm fire began in a bin and quickly spread. >> we had multiple trucks,
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container trucks, that were on fire. we believe two to three conta container trucks that were heavily involved with fire. >> reporter: nearby workers were made nervous as it grew. >> it was just pitch black and as it started building, you could smell the burning wood and plastic. >> it took longer than normal to get water on the fire because of access issues. donation bins stacked high and wide were in the way. the ladder truck had to attack the flames from above before ground crews made their way through. the delay may make hope services rethink its storage arrangement. >> we will definitely look at this after the fact. we'll look at the reports and it's always a good time to assess. >> with so much lost, hope services remains positive. >> we've been around for 62 years. so we're resilient and always positive.
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>> three trucks destroyed, represent almost half of the group's fleet which picked up donations from people's homes. those are insured and are replaceable. but those donations, donated goods, are not replaceable and are a complete loss. the organization hopes people step up with more donations. >> okay, thank you, linett. another fire, this one within breathing distance of that. a column of black smoke billowing from a metal recycling facility on mayor island. now, at first, fire crews didn't even know what was burning. they were worried that the smoke was toxic. fire crews are still on the scene there, gene? >> reporter: they are. firefighters are still here. they're in the yard pulling that debris pile apart and putting water on it, still. that column of smoke we saw earlier has environmentalists concerned.
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hours after a fire started at alco metal and iron recycling on mayor island, crews continue to pour water on a smoldering pile. >> there's about an acre inside, about 50 foot high. whatever could be inside. >> reporter: the burning debris sent a column of thick, dark smoke into the air. the wind carried it away. people living there got a reverse 9-1-1 call telling them to shelter in place. >> we don't nope what's in the pile. we're worried about it being toxic. >> reporter: when results came back normal around 8:00, crews lifted the shelter advisory. investigators may never know what kind of toxins the column of smoke carried into the air. but with metals and plastics burning, it's likely pollutants ended up in the bay and nearby
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estuaries putting wildlife in danger. >> a lot of the toxic pollutants can build up and cause reproductive harm, cancer, all kinds of health problems for the fish and the birds that eat the fish. >> in a statement tonight, alco says it is greatful no one was injured. fire crews are expected to be here all night. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. reporting live on mayor island, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> if you want so more info, go to >> the major problem at levi stadium. what to do about that bad turf? well, call in 18 wheelers. the 49ers trucked in new turf before sunrise, and then, as you can see here, worked all day planting that new turf. they say this turf will be safer and players won't lose their footing. this is all costing more money,
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more time and some embarrassment for the 49ers. >> as far as diving into this and peeling back, we're for it. we are getting a new field in. it will be for sunday. >> this is believed to be a temp rare fix. the niners might be installing a third version of the sod and sand next week. the surf problem doesn't just impact the 49ers. two local high schools are out of luck. they were supposed to play at levi stadium an ex week, but the games were postponed. delasalle was expected to play on national tv at levi stadium an ex week. that game got postponed until october. tonight,we were there in concord e9ñ same story for santa clara's wilcott high school.
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they're postponed. >> a school district's spokesperson says the teacher has been there since 2002. authorities air rested him this morning at his home which is not far from that school. he's now being held on a million dollar bail. investigators say little about what they found. but they also say so far they haven't discovered any local victims tied to this arrest. new video of the latest sacramento scandal. surveillance video shows two chp offices forcing state senator to pull over this morning chlts they caught the san diego lawmaker driving the wrong way on the roadway. authorities say they arrested him after he failed sobriety tests. >> an angry and heartbroken wba area is going to court.
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friends and family members rallied today. they also marched to the federal courthouse where the family filed a civil suit. in march, an officer shot and killed nieto who was armed with a tazer. he was a security guard and that's why he carried a stun gun. >> it is our belief that the claim that he had pulled out his tazer and pointed it at the priest did not happen. >> san francisco police say officers approached nieto only after getting reports of an armed man air boxing and pacing in the park. the civil suit claims unnecessary force and seeks unspecified damages. police today located the woman who put hospitals on high alert with a fake baby. the baby and these images is life like, but it's not real. yesterday, mercy medical center issued the photos to find the
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woman and her husband. police say twice this week they brought life like dolls into the hospital and asked for medical treatmented. >> the assumption may be made that she's switching out a fake, life-like baby with a real baby. >> the woman now says she and her husband were only there trying to showcase the dolls. >> there's a new warning about a virtual height that may hit u.s. retailers. today, the department of homeland security announce more than a thousand stores may be affected with viruss in their cash register computers. experts say this attack high lights the vulnerability of payment suspectystems nationwid. >> the all important fog
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forecast fr your saturday morning coming up. plus, details on not one, but three tropical systems in the pacific. and the impact here on the bay area. >> people are pretty shocked to nope that this was all her idea. >> how about this, love and football. get ready for another notable first at levi stadium as one couple prepares for their dream wedding. >> and then dining out with your dog. the new state law changes your restaurant experience. >> a stoir you eel see only on nbc bay area. a south bay woman declared dead is brought back to life. the twist of fate that helped save her life.
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vshl vshl . going to the fresco with your dog just became legal. the governor just signed a bill that allows dogs on restaurant patios. you've already been doing it? turns out you're not the only one. the governor's dog lobbied for this dog? >> reporter: i'm sure. e i can't really say, but i bet you that c org y did. there are dogs lined up in front of restaurants which means a lot of restaurants are dog-friendly. now that the governor has signed this bill making it legal for dogs to dine outside giving one restaurant the ability to finally live up to its name. the rest rabbit is called lazy dog. a southern california chain that was dog-friendly until someone reported finding dog hair on
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their complaint. >> we followed up on the report and found dogs on the patio. >> reporter: the health department had reason to believe that dog hair did wind up on someone's plate.forced to folloe law. >> it is not legal to bring a dog to a restaurant. >> even on the patio? >> even on the pat row. . >> reporter: well, that law has changed. dogs can legally sit at the owner's feet and dine with the family outside. >> i think it's awesome. we come to dinner, bring our dog, hang outside. >> as long as you stay oupds and keep him quiet under the tanl v table, it's been fine. >> reporter: it's been great for restaurant owners who have allowed dogs outside their restaurant since they opened. >> we've been violating that law for years. so i'm glad the law accommodates
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us now. >> we have people coming in explaining they have service dogs. >> reporter: now, the law does not apply to service dogs. i did try to find someone who was against this law. it was really hard. but i did find a group of guys wlorp against it. they would not go on camera because they said they would be shamed if they did. this is a dog town. >> all right, thank you, cheryl. a south bay woman back from the dead. and a fortuitous phone call may have saved her life. doctors say jennifer trajo was saved by her husband's cpr and wireless defib rilator. he used the device to restart her heart after it stopped beating. she has an irregular heartbeat.
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she had just woken up to a phone call from her mom that was an accidental redial. if not for that phone call, doctors say she probably would have died. doctors kaulg it a miracle. >> i never, ever in my wildest dream thought something like this would happen to me. so going through this, still being here, i definitely will cherish each day and each moment. >> incredible story, this device that helped save jennifer still relatively new. the regional medical center is the only south bay facility that uses it. >> new tonight at 11:00, you've seen soccer, football even concert at levi stadium. lots of first. >> what about a a marriage? it's about to happen. >> there have been parking problems outside, turf problems inside and some might even say scoring problems. now, two of the 49ers biggest fans hope to turn that around. >> born and raised niner fan. >> sunday, the 49ers will play their second game of the pre-season.
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howevers before, they will be in the levi stadium suite exchanging vows. the two were having their rehearsal dinner tonight. >> reporter: after a year and a half long engagement, they hadn't picked a venue until three weeks ago. >> i e-mailed them and i said hey, what about in the suite. they said nobody had done that before. i called my mom, she said you're crazy. i called my dad, he said yeah, absolutely, three weeks. let's do it. >> reporter: priority was given to the biggest 49ers fan in the family. >> we've really had to kind of
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make everybody wear multiple hats. >> the two have to be back to work on monday. the honeymoon will be quick. a short trip back to their seats to watch their favorite team. >> well, congratulations and we wish them well. >> jim harbaugh will give them a pair of dockers for their wedding. >> i doubt it. >> how are you doing? >> well, we can take a look at levi stadium, candle stick, i don't know, in my opinion, yes, we all love san francisco. but levi stadium has some of the best weather if you're going to get married. 82 degrees this time of the year and a cool 68 at candlestick. we'll take you outside right now and the theme that i notice is it's still clear in the south bay at 62 degrees. the cloud cover and the fog taking hold here back across the east bay. san francisco and also the north bay. that's also where temperatures are continuing to drop right now into the 50s. now, as we head into tomorrow
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morning, we're going to start off mainly clear down here. temperatures in the upper 50s. looks like we're going to start off here with areas of fog. areas of high pressure, if they develop exactly right, it can actually provide some dry, offshore winds throughout the fog. as we get a little bit of the fog forecast, what you're going to find is the cloud cover is going to stay put here. find most of the cloud cover up into sonoma counties, back here for the east bay and san francisco peninsula. then, as we head throughout the afternoon, sunny skies building right throughout the east bay. here's the sunny forecast chlts you can see the models right here. up against the coastline; we'll
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get a little bit of clear skies. right on down to half-moon bay. we'll take you into the microclimate forecast. sunny skies expected across the south bay, 86 degrees, 88 expected in santa rosa. 89 in morgan hill. 67 over towards palo alto. in san francisco, mainly 60s. if you're headed downtown, that's the one spot where temperatures will be popping up to 71 drg. napa expecting 85 and partly cloudy. and for the trivalley, sunny skies, 88 in danville. also 87 expected in pleasanton. we do have a word of warning, a little bit of sunshine expected at the coastline. we are tracking three different tropical storms in the pacific. it is stirring up the pacific waters quite a bit. that's actually going to lead to
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some dangerous sur here throughout the bay area with some chaotic swells. if you're headed to the coast, the best advice would be to stay out of that water. your forecast again saturday looks fwraet. we'll likely see numbers go down just a little bit. mid to upper 80s for the north bay. san francisco, upper 60 to about 70 and in the south bay, we're expecting 80s, as well. if you're heading out to the 49ers game on sunday, nbc bay area is one of the official sponsors. we've got some great weather here as we head to that kickoff. it looks like a nice forecast for the wedding at levi stadium. can you believe it? >> good wedding weather. >> a stepback for ilan mosque. >> hey roz and jesse and everyone in the bay area. thank you notes.
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you've got to watch, we're on next.
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rock ets are tricky. that's the tweet after this prototype rocket detonate. this was during a space skprks test fliegts over texas. the company was testing a three-engine, reusable rocket, on board computers detect the problem and then the rocket automatically self destructed. a space x spokesman said the rocket stayed within its flight area. >> a new ruling on the monkeys selfie has left a human photographer without a fight. both parties couldn't agree who owns the rights to this photo snapped by a crusted black monkey from ind news ya.
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today, the u.s. copyright office stated its rules, bottom line, the monkey selfie cannot be copyrighted. neither the monkey, nor the camera man, in this case the monkey, owns the selfie. >> there's no bad guy. instead, rush hour surfers were trying to save a dog who was cig zagging in long beach. this is amazing. ushering the dog to the shoulder. a woman finally pulls over and coaxi coaxes the dog into her arms. animal control is now trying to find this very, very lucky dog. >> up next, ahmed fareed will talk about the raider's game tonight. stay with us. (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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jessica was very busy tonight first watching the raider's game and then the a's game. >> and the giants were on tonight, too. i want to just watch this forecast right here. the raiders have the toughest regular-season schedule.
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their tune up for a day with the champion sea hawks next week. eric rogers and the packers at lambeaux tonight. here, in the first quarter, handing off to maurice jones, got it. taking off. 40 yards to the house for the touchdown for the raiders. fast forward now to the second quarter. matt flin, remember him? interseptembered by the rookie. the number five overall draft pick. packers do win 31-21. and an even bigger loss for the raiders in the second kwaurlter this game. line backer carted off the field. the raiders say it is an x-ray. how about some baseball for the angels, coming to oakland, two games in front of the as in the al west. bottom of the six, tied at two.
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tripling to right, coming around third. waving him home. and he beat the throw. they take a 3-2 lead. bases loaded for shawn doolittle. as win 5-3. they leaves the angels and nets down to one game. nats riding a streak. giants down one, not anymore. four for five in the game. top of the sixth, another home run. this one still works out left. he got 15 on the year. giants win 10-3. the national ten-game win streak over. basketball, team usa. demarcus cousins, all there. firing on the run, got it. he had 12 points.
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third quarter finding curry in the corner and knocking down the three. in the fourth quarter, usa up 20. usa wins big, 112-86. curry, clay, ronney, demarcus cousins all on the squad. good news for them. that is sports, more news after this.
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finally, on this friday night, the next big thing from the silicon valley may be your next glass of wine. they hope that affordable, award-winning vintages will lure more vino fans away from traditional wine countries like na purks a, sonoma and livermore. there are 21 wineries celebrating this new trail with tours and tastings beginning tomorrow. now, more wineries may be added in the future. >> wow, pack them in one day. >> have a great weekend. >> bye, bye. amy sedaris, musical guest,


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